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The four step soundproofing method to bring peace and quiet back to your life.

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What you will find in the Noise-Free DIY Soundproofing Course

  • Are you suffering from unwanted noise from your neighbours? 
  • Is this making you feel stressed, annoyed and uncomfortable in your home? 
  • Do you want to reduce the noise by soundproofing, but not sure where to start? 
  • Are you a competent DIYer; confident to install a solution yourself? 
  • Have you searched online; found systems for the party wall and got free advice on installing just to the alcoves or party wall alone? 
  • Are you struggling to find detailed instructions on how to install a system if you have a chimney stack or coving or want to put a TV on the soundproofed wall? 
  • Are you frustrated by not finding enough information on how to effectively treat your suspended floor, ceiling, chimney stack and what do you do if you have radiators or plug sockets on that wall? 
  • Have you even installed a soundproofing solution just to your party wall and are now disappointed by the amount of reduction in noise you have got?

If you can relate to any of the above, then I am certain my soundproofing course can help.

The course is based on my 4-step soundproofing method, which I have developed over the last 15 years installing soundproofing to domestic homes in the UK.

What to expect from the course:

Common mistakes

I go over the common mistakes and misconceptions I see on a regular basis regarding where the noise is coming from, how to successfully reduce it and what materials and techniques to use. I share with you the core principles of the 4-step soundproofing method and how when followed this will allow you to successfully reduce the noise in your home for good.

Main cause

The first step in the 4-step method and probably the most important. I will explain why it is so important and not to be missed. I will share with you how to identify the main cause, common main causes based on your property type and how to successfully treat it.

Direct path

I will cover what needs to be treated on your party wall, not just alcoves but also chimney stacks and fire back, how to incorporate the systems with your ceiling and floors and perpendicular walls to get the best results. I will share with you two highly effective systems for the direct path and how to install them.

Indirect path

In most noisy neighbour cases 50 % of the noise is coming in through the flanking walls not the party wall. I will share with you some key indirect noise paths in your property and how to test to see the amount of treatment they need. I will share tried and tested approaches to treat these paths that you can apply to get that reduction in noise you desire.

Fixtures & fittings

The icing on the cake; having applied the techniques above to successfully treat the noise, I will show you ways to install plug sockets, radiators, TV’s etc to your soundproofed room without compromising the noise reduction. You will also see how existing fixtures and fittings could be letting the noise in and how to treat them.

About Jim Prior

Jim Prior Soundproofing Expert

Since the early 2000’s Jim Prior has successfully reduced noise for thousands of homeowners across the UK. 

Having experienced first-hand that sinking feeling when you can hear your neighbours noise in your home, Jim truly understands the stress, annoyance and effect it can have on a persons health, relationships, work, family and quality of life. 

Having successfully reduced the noise in his own home and for thousands of homeowners across the UK with his high quality installation service, Jim is passionate about helping as many people as possible get the peace and quiet they crave.  Jim believes it is the construction of the building that is causing the noise and when following his tried and tested 4-step method this noise can be significantly reduced in any domestic home.

Jim is on a mission to ensure everyone can enjoy peace and quiet in their home.  His book The Noise Free Home is an amazon No 1. bestseller and his multi-award winning soundproofing installation company Quietco has transformed the lives of homeowners across the UK.