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Avoid the common soundproofing mistakes

Learn the techniques used by award winning installers

Learn how to sound deaden the wall correctly

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Step by step instructions to follow along with as you install

Learn how to install fixtures & fittings without compromising the soundproofing

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The Noise Free Home

Discover the four-step soundproofing method to bring peace and quiet back to your life

Soundproofing Secrets: Party Wall

Jim has been reducing noise in domestic homes for over 20 years and after installing hundreds of wall systems and spending thousands of pounds on research and development, he understands what REALLY works when it comes to successfully reducing noise in your home.

The party wall is a big piece in the soundproofing puzzle to get that peace and quiet you desire, and Jim has seen, tried, tested and removed it all!

He is going to share everything you need to go from soundproofing beginner to installing a solution to your party wall that will finally reduce that neighbour noise.

Professional Soundproofing

As you uncover the secrets that professional installers use, you will use the tools, techniques and unmatched education to start successfully reducing the noise in your home.

Learn at a Pace that Suits You

Our platform progress tracking means you can simply pick up where you left off and plan your progress.

All of the lessons are presented in high quality video format suitable to watch on any device.  So you can learn the techniques with a cuppa in hand then follow along with the step by step instructions on your phone or tablet as you install.

Theory and Practical Application.

Step by Step Guidance

Jim’s talent for explaining complex noise issues in a simple way, combined with real time teaching from his award winning installers makes this programme so valuable.

5 ground breaking modules with everything you need to successfully soundproof your party wall from neighbour noise.

Press Recognition

Jim has done soundproofing consultancy for Boots, Jaguar Land Rover and Aston Martin.

He has been featured in The Sunday Times, been live on BBC radio and his book The Noise Free Home is an amazon number 1 best seller.

Award Winning Installations

With his dedicated installation team at Quietco, Jim has won multiple awards for his high quality soundproofing installations.  Including the Innovation and Excellence award 3 years in a row and the Best Residential Soundproofing Solutions Provider 2023.

24/7 Access

Wherever you are in the world you have 24 hour access to our soundproofing training.

Our platform offers lessons that you can learn at your own pace and revisit whenever you want.


See what some of our DIYers have said about their experience with our soundproofing education courses.


“The course material and the way it is pulled together is truly excellent!”


“I’m really pleased I signed up! Easy to follow and great length video lessons”


“Jim has a good teaching style and the course covers a lot”


“Brilliant at explaining everything, very in tune with how we homeowners feel “


Learn how to identify the noise paths to be treated

Learn the different types of noise and how to treat them

Learn how to avoid the common soundproofing mistakes

Learn all the areas that make up that party wall

See real life case studies just like your house

Learn how to install the 50mm system

How to cut the different material layers

The correct isolation gaps to use and where

The best way to secure the layers to the wall and create that airtight seal

How to tuck it up and tuck it down

Learn what to do if your party wall is not a clear wall 

Learn how to install a system around your party wall stairs

Learn how to soundproof that chimney stack

Learn how to fit fixtures and fittings

See real-life case studies

“I believe everyone deserves peace and quiet in their home.


I believe the unwanted noise is caused by the construction of the building. 


I truly want to help empower people around noise in their home so they can have a better quality of life.


This is my purpose. This is my mission.


I believe armed with the right knowledge you can reduce the noise in your home.


I have spent the last 20 years and thousands of pounds learning how to successfully soundproof homes in the UK.  


In doing so I have achieved the soundproofing of a detached house for my own semi-detached house and helped reduce the noise for hundreds of homeowners across the UK.


This mini courses will save you a lot of time and heart ache and show you how to achieve that noise reduction you desire.


You can create a happy, healthy home for you and your family.”



Frequently Asked Questions

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We just want one thing. RESULTS. 


Because results drive word of mouth. 

We are so confident in our ability to teach you how to soundproof your room and this is all you will need that we do not need to charge a high price when we can just get you the result you want so you can show and tell others about it!

Don’t worry, there’s nothing hiding in the fine print. This is a one-time payment where you get the absolute best training you could possibly find for LIFE! 

What’s more…

Whenever we update the training or tools, you will get access to those too forever!

This program has been specifically designed to take any DIYer or builder and show them exactly how to soundproof their home in a gaspingly short space of time thanks to the revolutionary style of teaching and implementation. 

You can be brand spanking new to soundproofing or maybe been around the bush a few times, maybe already tried a clip and channel system or panel system on the party wall alcoves. Either way, this WILL show you the light and show you how award winning installers do it.

You can absolutely take your time and go through the educational lessons at your own pace yes.

Because of the low price point compared to any other soundproofing education program AND the high-level of quality within the lessons, we will only honour refunds within the first 7 days for this program. If we can see you rushed ahead and completed more than 70% of the program in that time, the refund will be in the form of a credit note against our other programs and services. 


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