With over 19 years of experience installing soundproofing solutions in the UK,  Jim Prior has reduced unwanted noise for thousands of homeowners, developers and builders.

I want to change building standards for sound insulation so future generations can enjoy peace and quiet in their home.

“To make sure every home has a noise rating survey when its sold.”

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Jim Prior is an author, entrepreneur and founder of Quietco Ltd.

Jim Prior has been Featured in The Sunday Times and been Live on BBC Radio and also hired to give noise consultancy for Boots, Aston Martin, Jaguar Land Rover and BBC studios.

Jim Prior is the author of The Noise Free Home – The four-step soundproofing method to bring peace and quiet back to your life.

Having spoken and met thousands of people suffering from unwanted noise in their home, Jim Prior has a strong track record of success; whether it is a luxury garden studio, semi-detached, or detached house, an apartment, flat or maisonette or converting a room to make noise, a commercial radio station, hotel or soundproof steam room, he knows how to successfully reduce the noise.

Jim has a passion for technology and putting different building materials together to solve a problem for people.

This passion became focused around noise after his personal experience when moving into his first house.
Jim experienced first hand that horrible sinking feeling in your stomach when you can hear your neighbours in your own home, the annoyance frustration and sense of helplessness and stress that it causes.
With his unique building experience he realised that this was not just the case for his house, but is the case for millions of people across the UK.

He has developed a unique 4-step soundproofing method to successfully reduce the noise in your home

Over 2/3 of home owners struggle with unwanted noise in their home. I’m on a mission to sort this.

Jim Prior believes the unwanted noise in your home is caused by the construction of the building, he believes we can change the way we build houses, reducing noise in homes.

Jim Prior has aligned himself and his companies to 2 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Affordable and clean energy

Responsible consumption and production


As founder of a leading sound insulation company I feel responsible to align my business processes and decision-making with sustainability most relevant to our business activities.

The UN goals for sustainable development provides a framework for partnerships that contribute to worthy challenges and opportunities we face as a generation. I am proud to be supporting goal 7 and goal 12.

Jim Prior and his team are going to change British building standards for sound insulation.

Hopefully through awareness of the problems of noise and the affects it can have on people lives. They are on a mission to make sure every house has a noise rating survey when it’s sold. So future generations can enjoy peace and quiet in their home.

When you purchase a new house regardless of the age, you usually request a structural survey, an energy performance certificate, an electrical certificate, a boiler service certificate, any major alterations will have a building certificate. You will even receive a window installation certificate. A home survey will outline any damp or dry rot problems and even outline the level of loft insulation.

Why is the expected level of noise not on the survey!

#why no sound survey. Why is noise not considered on the house survey? People are just not talking about it. Help get the conversation going with #whynosoundsurvey.

Noisy neighbours

Environmental noise

Considerate noise makers

Although a surveyor will not look behind furniture, or lift up floor boards, or drill any holes, they will tell you about any unstable walls, subsidence, the thickness of the loft insulation and the quality of the windows. Understandably, a survey can be very reassuring to a new buyer, but a lot of the things it lists can be fixed very quickly and normally grant funding or finance options will be available to do this. Soundproofing is a bit more of an investment and a proper installation will require far more short-term disruption than treating a damp problem. I cannot understand why estimated noise in the home is not indicated on every survey. It would help so many people that are now financially trapped in their home with a noise problem that is affecting their health.

An indication of how well neighbour noise, road traffic or environmental noise is dealt with would help so many people. It would encourage better workmanship; it would make many organisations aware of noise in homes. Customers will start demanding the survey and developers will have to start implementing effective sound insulation in homes.

A simple traffic light system or noise rating similar to the energy rating would be enough to help buyers with any decision, and at very least give them an insight to the expected noise in their new home.

To do this we need to create awareness of the noise in homes, shine a light on the poor building methods used to build modern homes and raise the standards of building insulation for noise.

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